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Our Pharmaceutical Herbal Laboratories

Our tinctures are meticulously produced according to precise and time-honoured standards, where the herb is extracted according to the distinct characteristic of the plants; this process typically takes about 10 weeks to complete.

The attention to detail in the extraction of the plant materials produces a finished product which is guaranteed to deliver consistent quality and efficacy.

Most of our herbs are sourced from country of origin - we emphasize using fresh plant material which was harvested during the appropriate season. In addition to this, we focus exclusively on using organically grown herbs wherever possible.

Our indigenous herbs are sourced from local organic herb growers. Our tinctures (or herbal tonic) is made by steeping the fresh or dried herb (the marc) in a solution of food grade alcohol (the menstuum) for several weeks before filtering it and straining it through our micro filtration system.

Using ethanol as a solvent (alcohol/water % 5.5) we extract both the oil based medicinal properties of the herb, as well as the water based properties.

The alcohol also serves as a preservative, giving the tincture a suitable shelf life and preserving it for years if stored away from heat and light.

Each batch of our quality herbs are obtained with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which is quality tested.